Membership Benefits



The Community Spouses' Club of Fort Benning provides fun and engaging opportunities to create friendships. Through monthly membership luncheons and evening events, sub clubs and volunteer opportunities members have many avenues to create lasting relationships with other spouses' here at Fort Benning. 


Volunteer Opportunities


Community service is a pillar to our organization. The CSC is driven by volunteers.  We have many volunteer opportunities throughout the year for our members that will fit into even the busiest of schedules.  You can assist with our Fundraisers, serve on the CSC Board, or committee.  In 2014, the Fort Benning Community Spouses’ Club was named the Volunteer Organization of the Year!  Our organization also had members receive individual awards for Volunteer of the Year, Volunteer Family of the Year, and awards for outstanding community service.


The Lending Closet


The CSC Lending Closet is an exclusive benefit only for CSC Members. The Lending Closet is free, located in the Thrift Store and houses items ranging from silver to decorations for every occasion. For a complete list of silver click here at CSC Silver Inventory and for all other items click here CSC Lending Closet Inventory.  For more information on how to borrow these items available please contact at

Questions about the Lending Closet?

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