Community Spouses’ Club
of Fort Benning
Vendor Policy for Luncheons

1. Vendors are solely responsible for the collection and payment of Georgia State sales tax and all financial transactions therein. The CSC assumes no responsibility for any checks accepted for payment of goods.

2. Vendors shall accept responsibility for, and agree to hold the CSC and its agents and the United States Army and its agents, harmless against any and all claims or liabilities arising out of the death, destruction or injury of any person or property within the display area caused by you or your agent. Further, you shall not hold the CSC and its agents and the United States Army and its agents, liable for any loss, damage or theft of your property or merchandise that may occur incident to this display.

3. CSC is a private organization under the provision of AR 230-3 and 210-1. Neither appropriated funds of the United States Army nor non-appropriated funds of the United States Army instrumentalities shall become due or paid under this Agreement. The United States Government is not a party to this agreement and is not, and will not be, held responsible for any liability, default or dispute arising out of this agreement.

4. ALL business owners conducting sales on Fort Benning MUST be APPROVED by FMWR. A copy of your valid FMWR Solicitation Photo ID Card MUST be submitted along with your application and fees. (Exception: Vendors that fill a last minute vacancy must submit a copy of their valid FMWR Solicitation Photo ID Card along with their application and fees upon arrival the day of the Luncheon.)

4a. Copy of valid FMWR Solicitation Photo ID Card needs to be submitted ONCE per CSC year. For example: if a copy is submitted in September, it will not need to be submitted again for the year UNLESS it EXPIRES before May of the CSC year.

4b. Vendors that do not have a valid FMWR Solicitation Photo ID Card need to  contact Debbie Knipe at FMWR via email at or telephone at (706)545-3485 to receive an application.

4c. Vendors that wish to sell items to benefit any FRG, Military Affiliated Private Organization or Veterans’ Organization must submit a fundraising request to Albert Lee at FMWR via email at albert, Once approved, a copy of the approval must be provided to the CSC 2nd Vice along with the application and fees.

4d. Vendors will NOT be allowed to set up without prior proof of FMWR Approval. *Only Luncheons held ON FORT BENNING need to have approval by MWR. If the Luncheon is NOT on Ft. Benning, no prior approval or registration with MWR is needed.

5. Vendors may sell crafts, arts and merchandise. (No alcohol items.) Vendors under franchise are welcome to sell their products as long as sales are in accordance with franchise guidelines. CSC will not be liable for vendors violating franchise agreements.

5a. The CSC will limit the number of vendor tables selling like items to 2 per Luncheon. For example: only 2 jewelry vendors at one Luncheon.

5b. Please be advised that there is limited access to electricity. We cannot guarantee that each booth will have electricity.

6. We will only accept ONE Independent Contractor from each Direct Sales company. Consultants MUST have APPLICATIONS WITH PAYMENT (Checks need to be made to CSC of Fort Benning.) and copy of valid FMWR Solicitation Permit POSTMARKED and mailed through the Postal Service. (Mail to: CSC of Fort Benning, Attn: 2nd Vice, PO Box 51978, Fort Benning, GA 31995) The application with the earliest POSTMARK DATE will earn the table. Applications received after the first approved application is accepted will be returned. We encourage you to bring product to sell in addition to sharing about your business. Home-based businesses are permitted to be vendors. {The only exception to this is if two vendors, i.e., two Pampered Chef consultants, agree to share one table, they may split the fee. However, if two different vendors, i.e., Pampered Chef and MaryKay, may NOT share a table.}

6a. Applications AND Table Fees MUST be RECEIVED by the 2nd Wednesday (one week prior to the Luncheon) of the month that the Luncheon is held. (A list of approved luncheon dates will be provided to the Vendors.) Spaces will be assigned upon receipt of application and fee.

6b. The Table Fee is $10.00 per Luncheon plus one Door Prize with retail value of $10.00 per Luncheon. The Table Fee must be mailed with application. The Door Prize will be provided by 10:30 am on the day of the Luncheon. 

6c. Applications and Table Fees may be submitted for a minimum of 1 month or a maximum of 3 months. An email from the CSC 2nd Vice will be sent to all Vendors that are interested 1 month BEFORE the Luncheon. For example: all Vendors will receive an email in August for September. Vendors that do not apply for 3 months (i.e., September, October & November) will receive an email in September for October. Vendors that apply for 3 months will receive an email in November; at that time, the Vendor will have the opportunity to apply for 3 additional months or only for one month.

6d. Cancellations: If a vendor must cancel, the CSC 2nd Vice must receive an email at by the Sunday prior the Luncheon before 5:00 pm. If cancellations are made on time, before 5:00 pm on the Sunday prior to the Luncheon, Table Fees will be refunded. An email reply will be sent to verify that the cancellation was received and whether or not it was received by the deadline. If cancellation is not received at appropriate time, Table Fees will NOT be refunded for that Luncheon.

6e. Vendors may request to be included on a waiting list for the months that are already filled. If necessary, the CSC 2nd Vice will use this waiting list to fill vacancies that occur due to vendor cancellations each month.

6f. Vendors that fill vacancies will be required to present their application, table fee and current copy of their FMWR Solicitation Permit to the 2nd Vice upon arrival at the Luncheon location. Vendors will have until 10:30 am to provide their door prize.

7. Vendors should note that the display may not exceed the allotted space or the vendor will forfeit the table without a refund for the space. Vendors should be set up by 10:30 am so when our members begin arriving they are able to shop. Vendors will remain open until the close of the Luncheon at 1:00 pm.

8. Vendors that are eligible are highly encouraged to join the CSC. (A membership application will be provided.)

8a. Vendors are invited to participate in the Luncheon but are responsible for making their own Luncheon reservations by making a reservation for the Luncheon online. Click HERE to make a reservation. Luncheon reservations must be received by the Reservations Chair before 5:00 pm on the Sunday prior to the Luncheon.

9. Failure to comply with all guidelines included in the CSC of Fort Benning Luncheon Vendor Policy may result in loss of opportunity to participate as a vendor for all future CSC events.