Our members come from a diverse mix of all services and civilians. We are Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force officers and enlisted spouses, both active and retired. We are DOD civilian employees and their spouses. The CSC is one of the most rewarding organizations you can join in South West Georgia. CSC members can serve on the board, volunteer in our store fronts or work on a variety of committees. In any of these capacities, you are making lasting friendships and helping to raise thousands of dollars that will be returned to the Fort Benning Community.


Who Is Eligible


The Community Spouses’ Club is open to spouse or widows/widowers of all US Military ID card holders of any rank, to include Active Duty, Reserve or National Guard Components, Retirees, International Spouses and Civilian Employees of the Department of Defense and their spouses.


Reasons to Join


Members have access to our social and cultural events; are given countless opportunities to participate in our charitable endeavors and develop friendships that ultimately reach far beyond Fort Benning. Affiliation with our organization allows you the ability to find a mentor or become a mentor yourself! Members also receive the Communique (our monthly newsletter), a copy of the CSC Membership Directory and access to our Lending Closet. Please be aware that members must join by September to be included in the directory. We are an inspirational, diverse and supportive group of military spouses and we are looking forward to welcoming you into our organization.